Adolescent Therapy

Why does my adolescent child need therapy and what makes it effective?
Will I as parent be involved in my child’s process?

Many parents wonder if therapy is the right choice for their teenage children, who seem sad, down or disinterested in school and other social activities, who feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out.

Does your child exhibit concerning behavior or constantly changing moods or negative, dark thoughts and you don’t know how to approach or understand them?

Are they failing/struggling in school and refuse to discuss their social/peer relationships with you?
If any of these symptoms are present in your teen’s life, therapy can be the best medium and a treatment model for your child.

Psychotherapy offers understanding of their personal challenges, provides insight, empathy and a safe confidential environment that greatly facilitates the expression of fears and concerns your teen may have been harboring or repressing for a long time.

Psychotherapy finds the best possible way to:

• resolving inner conflict
• improves relationships with family and peers
• enables positive mood formation and experience of inner joy
• enhancing socialization in your teen’s life.

Therapy is always confidential and information shared in sessions is privileged. Your teen may decide to discuss the progress with you and this can become a bonding experience. However, the therapist can only provide a very general statement as far as progress made in therapy.
Your teen’s therapist MUST ensure that AT ALL TIMES the teen does not pose any danger to himself or others. If such an information is revealed, your therapist is under a Duty to Warn, breaching confidentiality and informing the parent ASAP about any danger your teen may be involved in.
You, as a parent, are a vital element and link in your adolescent’s psychotherapeutic process. At times, your teen may agree to a joint family session, where problems in family dynamics and teen concerns may be further discussed to improve the family relationship leading to more positive progress in life.