• Covid-19 How We Hate You! 8 months later

    It’s been a long and hard 8 months for many of us. Covid has robbed us of something we need during times of crisis…each other. Not seeing friends, no family gatherings, limited visits to restaurants, coffee shops, and malls. It feels like the Matrix! If so give me the blue pill. Or was it the red pill? I get them confused.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel. News that an effective vaccine is on the horizon, and better therapies for treating this horrible disease, is music to so many people’s ears. One day, this pandemic and associated lockdowns and isolation will be behind us. What do we do until then? We need to keep our mind, body and soul healthy. Many of my clients have been able to find silver linings during the pandemic. One client started a successful new online business. Another client used the time to work out and get the body she’s always wanted. And yet another client was able to bond more with her daughter due to remote learning. These stories always bring a smile to my face during sessions. I feel it is important to incorporate mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation into the daily routine. If you are sitting in a chair for many hours during the day, try taking a brisk walk and stretching to clear your head and relax those tense muscles.

    These techniques are crucial in dealing with anxiety, stress, panic and depressed mood. They stabilize our system and teach us how to control our response to stress and bring our body and mind to the state of equilibrium.

    Covid-19, We really do Hate You. Whether you like it or not, there are silver linings to take pleasure in. We are going to keep our mind and bodies healthy. The human spirit will persevere. Your days are numbered Covid-19.

    If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mounting stress, or relationship problems, please reach out to us. We are for you!


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