• Expert Roundup: Mental Health Experts on Employees Returning to the Office

    As companies increasingly begin to reopen post-pandemic, most employees wonder what going back to the office might look like from now on. And, as workers question the new rules in place; what a normal working day will look like; whether the way we collaborate will change; and so on, we wondered how the news that companies were reopening their offices might affect employees’ mental health.

    So, CommercialCafe sat down with several mental health specialists to determine:

    • How employees who developed social phobia during the work-from-home era will approach the return-to-office policies
    • How workers can find a work/life balance after experiencing so many shifts in how we work
    • What the first steps should be as we transition back into working in the office
    • How these shifts can affect our mental health
    • What employees should expect from their employers


    Marina Krugolets, LMHC, CDP: It’s important to be patient with yourself and give yourself time to adjust to returning to the office, just as learning to work from home required an adjustment period. Try to cultivate a ‘go with the flow’ attitude and be prepared to be adaptable as workplaces adapt to whatever changes COVID may have prompted. Remember, you are not going through this adjustment alone, and be sure to communicate and seek support from your coworkers and supervisor. Be sure to include daily self-care and stress management practices, such as physical activity, mediations, journaling, breathing exercises, yoga, and talking to supportive friends and family. If you started new healthy habits or routines during COVID, try to keep those going as you return to the office. Take time to plan out your clothes, meals and schedule the night before so you are well-prepared. Take things one step at a time.

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