• How to Cope When Mother’s Day is Tough: 5 Experts Share Their Advice

    The second Sunday of every May is Mother’s Day, and while commercials and social media are flooded with picture-perfect celebrations and gushing posts, the day can be a difficult one for some. Dealing with the loss of or estrangement from a mom or child, or struggling with infertility can all make what is perceived as a happy holiday into something triggering or painful. If you’re navigating Mother’s Day grief, or find the holiday challenging for any reason, know that you’re not alone. Remember that any feelings you have that day (good, neutral, or bad) are valid: And if you’re looking for some help in coping or getting through the day, we asked a few mental health experts for their tips.

    If you’re navigating the pain of Mother’s Day without mom, you can still continue to use the day to celebrate her. “Spend the day doing things that remind you of her, or that she might have loved to do. Make and enjoy her favorite meal or go to her favorite restaurant. Tell stories that make her feel close,” says Marina Krugolets, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Eclectic Psychotherapy Group. “Simply because she is not in your presence does not mean you cannot continue to honor the gift of her love.”

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