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    Psychotherapy in NYC for Individuals, Couples, and Families

    Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Are you in search of couples counseling?

    Eclectic Psychotherapy Group is a group of mental health professionals who provide therapy to those suffering from depression and anxiety. We offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy sessions in Manhattan.

    Our therapists have extensive training in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and mindfulness approaches to treatment. Whether you’re struggling with depression or anxiety or want help improving your relationship with your partner – we can help! Contact us today for more information on how we can best meet your needs.

    Call our office at (917) 672-4211 or email us at office@epsychotherapyroup.com for more information about how we can help you get back to the good things in life.

    Our Services

    Depression and Anxiety Therapy

    Depression and anxiety look different in everybody, and it’s not always obvious. Still, it can lead to a host of other mental health troubles, from feelings of hopelessness to agitation and restlessness.

    Our counselors are here to help you work through these difficulties and create a path to healing, helping you become the best version of yourself.

    Marriage and Couples Counseling

    Whether you are married or not, intimate relationships can face hardships unlike any other type of relationship.

    Sometimes, it is small things that add up – or it might be one event – that make you feel like you’ve lost touch with your partner. Our counselors are here to help you bridge the gap and renew the happiness in your relationship.

    Teen Counseling

    Adolescence is a hard time of life for anyone, but some teenagers experience more difficulty than average. Creating a path to healing through teen counseling services can benefit your teenager, offering a safe space of non-judgment for them to express their feelings, concerns, and needs.

    Therapy For Our Manhattan Clients

    If you reside or work in Manhattan, you can see us in our convenient Union Square office or receive online counseling from one of our highly-trained therapists! Please note, we have limited in-person counseling availability for new clients.

    Are you exhausted after a long day of work at the firm? Has it been difficult to prioritize your mental health and personal relationships when you spend so many long hours at the office? Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be inconvenient or time-consuming.

    The online counseling services offered by us at Eclectic Psychotherapy Group are accessible, effective, and convenient. Our therapists are the best in the NYC area, and we provide premium counseling services for couples, teens, and anxiety/depression (Check our reviews!). If you want to strengthen your mental health and interpersonal relationships while also being cognizant of your busy schedule, online counseling may be the option for you.

    The benefits of online counseling

    As a Manhattan resident, you live in one of the most desirable areas in the entire nation! Online counseling can afford you the opportunity to a time-effective way to better yourself so that you still have a little bit of space left in your schedule for sightseeing.

    Reaching out to a professional counselor for help can seem daunting. There are many reasons why an individual may procrastinate on pursuing therapy services for marriage problems, anxiety, depression, or other personal concerns.

    Maybe therapy has seemed inaccessible in the past, or you have avoided going to a psychotherapy office because you feel safest in your own home. Or, maybe, you have been unsure about how you will fit counseling into your already packed schedule. Online counseling may be the better approach for you. The benefits of online counseling are undeniable.

    Online counseling is convenient

    Convenience is the hallmark attribute of online counseling. Online counseling requires no traveling and no special equipment. It is easier to fit into your schedule because you do not need to factor in the time it takes to get to an office!

    Online counseling offers the most comfort

    Online counseling affords you the ability to engage in a therapy session wherever you feel the safest and most comfortable.

    Online counseling is efficient and effective

    Research indicates that online counseling is just as effective as in-person therapy! When you pursue online counseling with us, you will receive the best counseling available in NY.

    Contact us Today: We can help!

    Today is a new day, and you can be free from whatever prohibited you from pursuing therapy before with the help of online counseling from the Eclectic Psychotherapy Group.

    Our counselors are ready to make the process as smooth as possible. Online counseling is convenient, and comfortable modality of therapy available. Most importantly, online counseling will provide you the same levels of personal progress as in-person therapy.

    We are here for you, and we can help.