• Alexis Dragowski, MHC-LP

    Hello and welcome! My introduction to the field of mental health was volunteering for a student-led hotline in my undergraduate studies. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work at a non-profit agency whose clientele consists of high-risk adolescents/teens and their families facing mental health crises.

    I help clients with a variety of concerns pertaining to anxiety, depression, avoidance, shame, guilt, anger, purposelessness, self-esteem, trauma, sleep disturbances, impulsivity, and somatic complaints. I also help clients with interpersonal conflicts in their relationships with their partners, friends, and family members.

    The primary modalities I use are dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), with an emphasis on mindfulness, and motivational interviewing. I also utilize elements from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and the humanistic perspectives of person-centered therapy and existential therapy. I approach the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client from an empathetic stance, and I first meet a client where they are at in their journey in order to foster change.

    I have a holistic perspective for therapy and my goal as a therapist is to help clients achieve and maintain overall mental health wellbeing. A phrase coined by founder of DBT, Marsha M. Linehan, is to build a life worth living – and sometimes things in life can get in the way of that. I am here to help you identify obstacles that arise in your mental health journey and create solutions to navigate these barriers.

    It is truly a privilege for me to work with clients and I am grateful for the time, trust, and willingness that they place into receiving treatment for their mental health needs. I look forward to working with you!