• Ishanie Sanchez, LMHC

    My journey as a mental health advocate began over a decade ago. I have continually worked to advance my skills and better serve those in need. I have had the privilege of providing mental health services to individuals from all walks of life, including families in crisis, at-risk teens, and bilingual youth- as I am fluent in Spanish. Additionally, I am well-versed in administering couples, marriage, and family counseling meant to improve interpersonal dynamics.

    Through my professional and educational experiences, I have harnessed the specialized skills required to effectively treat depression and anxiety, as well as common comorbid personality, interpersonal, and mood disorders. I utilize a variety of evidence-based approaches, including CBT, DBT, and IPT related treatment with my clients to formulate beneficial treatment plans for each unique mental health journey. I strongly believe that we are much more than the labels imposed upon us and that we all have the potential to healthily navigate intense mental health challenges faced along the way.

    I continually dedicate myself to connecting with patients on a genuine, compassionate level, building quality rapport and facilitating successful mental health journeys forward. I have received my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mental Health Counseling. I am now a Licensed Mental Health Counselor based in New York and have been in practice since 2011. My aim is to provide a safe space for clients so that they may better understand thoughts and behaviors, navigate intense emotions, and develop healthier skills meant to further their quality of life.