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    Eclectic Psychotherapy Group is Staten Island’s premier counseling center. We offer individual, couples, and family therapy to individuals of all ages. Our therapists are experienced in many different types of therapy including cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapies, and more.

    The goal of our work is to help people find relief from their suffering by exploring the root causes that may be contributing to their difficulties. Whether it’s depression or anxiety, relationship problems, or substance abuse issues, we can help you get back on your feet again.

    A Spotlight on Staten Island

    Staten Island is the third-largest borough of New York City but happens to be the least populous. It is also in closer proximity to New Jersey than New York. These two facts have led to Staten Island being somewhat overlooked as a part of NYC. That’s not how we think here at Eclectic Psychotherapy Group. We have multiple therapists that call Staten Island home and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Here are some of the reasons we love this island:

    1). Staten Island is considered the “greenest borough”. That’s because we have over 170 parks on the island, covering over 12,000 acres!

    2). Staten Island has some of the oldest history that the U.S. has to offer. This means some of the oldest houses, farms, and schools you can find. One example is the Alice Austen House on the North Shore – built in 1690 and eventually became the childhood home of pioneering female photographer Alice Austen.

    3). Staten Island is home to a ton of cool attractions. Everyone knows about the famous Staten Island Ferry but there’s so much more to do. We have great museums, like the Staten Island Museum, the National Lighthouse Museum, and the Museum of Tibetan Art. The classic historical areas like Fort Wadsworth and Historic Richmond Town are perfect for history buffs. On top of that, there’s the Staten Island Zoo, the Richmond County Bank Ballpark, and the St. George Theatre!

    We love our Staten Island residents here at Eclectic Psychotherapy Group. If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or are struggling in your relationships, give us a call. We’ll listen, make a plan, and guide you back to the joyful life you deserve to live.

    The benefits of online counseling

    Reaching out to a professional counselor for help can seem daunting. There are many reasons why an individual may procrastinate on pursuing therapy services for marriage problems, anxiety, depression, or other personal concerns.

    Maybe therapy has seemed inaccessible in the past, or you have avoided going to a psychotherapy office because you feel safest in your own home. Or, maybe, you have been unsure about how you will fit counseling into your already packed schedule. Online counseling may be the better approach for you. The benefits of online counseling are undeniable.

    Online counseling is convenient

    Convenience is the hallmark attribute of online counseling. Online counseling requires no traveling and no special equipment. It is easier to fit into your schedule because you do not need to factor in the time it takes to get to an office!

    Online counseling offers the most comfort

    Online counseling affords you the ability to engage in a therapy session wherever you feel the safest and most comfortable.

    Online counseling is efficient and effective

    Research indicates that online counseling is just as effective as in-person therapy! When you pursue online counseling with us, you will receive the best counseling available in NY.

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    Today is a new day, and you can be free from whatever prohibited you from pursuing therapy before with the help of online counseling from the Eclectic Psychotherapy Group.

    Our counselors are ready to make the process as smooth as possible. Online counseling is convenient, and comfortable modality of therapy available. Most importantly, online counseling will provide you the same levels of personal progress as in-person therapy.

    We are here for you, and we can help.

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